We are an Association of lovers of Nature and the conservation of ancestral traditions as well as very respectful of the environment. We represent all those who want to take care of our environment and enjoy it. Our activities are to collaborate in the conservation of our natural environment through actions of planting, reforestation and sponsorship of Trees.

Our company was born in 2014 with the intention of reforestation of the area devastated in the fire caused in Andratx, located in the Serra de Tramuntana (World Heritage Site by UNESCO) in the year 2013. More than 2.400 hectares of forest was burned. Tourism is not an isolated activity since it depends on other sectors of the economy that make it possible (transport, food, energy, technology, construction, etc.).

At GEOHolder we try to support the attainment of a sustainable tourism that allows economic development to be compatible with the protection and conservation of the natural resources: our ecosystem. We need your collaboration in this initiative because WE ALL WILL WIN. Sustainability of Tourism is the ability to bring people all year round rather than just the summer season and in the progress of the positive image that we give to the outside world, translatable in new tourists.

Love for Nature

Here is a selective sampling of nature’s offers to us: Fresh water, Pollination, Soil health, Medicines, Fisheries, Biodiversity and wildlife abundance, Climate regulation, Health, Art, Spiritual, Seed dispersal, Pest control, ...

Respect environment

We have to be respectful and responsible with the environment. Mountain environments are visited by lots of people every year. We have to be sure everything we take with us to the mountains we have to take away, so we will also be able to enjoy the marvellous landscapes our environment offer to us.

Help agriculture

Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that nurtured the development of civilization. Agriculture offers us lots of products and without them we could not survive.


First step

“A part of you in Mallorca, a part of Mallorca with you” is not only an slogan, it is a way of life and respect for the environment.
This way, we offer the possibility to Sponsor a Tree in Mallorca at your name. With your generous action we will be able to protect the environment and Trees will keep being beautiful, vigorous and productive.

First You can join us at no cost and no commitment. You will receive information about our activities and sustainable Tourism in Mallorca.

Second, you can Sponsor different types of Trees in any of the areas we have available.

What happens when you sponsor a tree?

Depending on your Sponsorship type and the Tree, you will be able to receive handmade products from their production such as Olive Oil or Olives, Figs, Fig jam or Fig bread from the most special Fig Farm in the World or even Carob Flour from beautiful Carob Trees.

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What does your Sponsor enable?

  • Thanks to your Sponsorship we are able to invest in the plantation of new Trees to carry on and maintain one of our most valued treasures.
  • We maintain the fields and the sustainability of productive grounds.
  • Serra de Tramuntana will keep on generating oxygen and preserve the beautiful sceneries of the Mediterranean

What do you get in return

According to the modality and Tree selected in your Sponsorship, you will be able to receive the best and healthiest products of Mallorca, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your Olive Tree, Figs from Fig Trees and derived products like Fig bread, Fig jam, Fig beer, etc. You can also get high quality nutritious Carob Flour and much more. Also you will have access to Tree profile, 360º images, zone videos and a certificate about your sponsorship.

Making a Difference

Be different, be original. Sponsor a tree and contribute to the conservation of the environment because with your contribution we will make your tree last. It will bear your name and you will enjoy its fruits.

Make the best gift

Real Solutions

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer. Let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will be unnecessary.


Your contribution, although it seems very small, is a breath of pure air for the Trees. With your help, we will be able to maintain, clean the area and the Trees will be healthier......

You will receive:

  • Sponsorship Certificate
  • GEOlocation Certificate
  • Welcome Pack
  • 360º images of the area
  • General video of the area

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Premium Sponsorship has all the benefits of the Standard Sponsorship but you will also receive the products of your Tree in the form of oil.

You will receive:

  • Sponsorship Certificate
  • GEOlocation Certificate
  • Welcome Pack (with authentic Mallorcan products)
  • 360º images of the area
  • Video of the area with your name tagged
  • Your Name in the Tree
  • Delivery of the Sponsorship under the Olive Tree (optional)

Sponsor Now

Enjoy the Exclusive

The most Exclusive Sponsorship that not only includes all the benefits of the other Sponsorship packages, but also offers a unique experience prepared exclusively for you.

You will receive:

  • Sponsorship Certificate
  • GEOlocation Certificate
  • 360º images from your Olive Tree and the area
  • Exclusive video of your Olive Tree and the area
  • An exclusive Welcome Pack with Olive Oil from your Tree
  • A plaque of recycled wood under your Olive Tree
  • And special options available on request:
    • High class transport to your Olive Tree
    • Lunch or dinner between Olive Trees or very special restaurants
    • Video and photographies, drone views, and much more.
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360º images from zone

What does your tree see? We offer you images in 360º so you can observe, in all directions, what your tree sees.

View demo...

VR Viewer

Ready for viewing in 3D with Google cardboards

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Video with your name's tagged

Do you want a personalized video? We edit a video of the area and your tree so that you can locate very easily, integrating the high technology GPS and augmented reality.

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Geolocated Trees

Sponsored Trees



Our Timeline

  • March 2017

    Destination Services supports our project

    Destination Services, one of the business units from Hotelbeds Group, has signed an agreement with GEOHolder in order to promote sustainable and environmental activities with its clients.

  • January 2017

    We grow with new partners

    January 2017 has brought us new partners like "Mallorca in a Box" joining a large list of professionals offering the highest quality.

  • September 2016

    New members arrive

    After much work we have managed to break down many barriers, along the way have joined new friends and partners that have made us bigger.

  • October 2015

    Our greatest event for nature

    With the help of many people, we made possible an event with worldwide diffusion about the importance of nature in our tourism.







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"A part of You in Mallorca, a part of Mallorca with You"

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